Is Viral Marketing Complicated And Could It Benefit My Company?

Viral marketing is an expression that is often heard in the world of digital marketing but that is not familiar to those out with the niche. Sometimes called marketing buzz or viral advertising, the term basically describes a selection of marketing techniques that utilize various forms of social networking in order to further promote a brand, product or service. Viral marketing is hugely dependent on information of some kind being passed from person to person through a number of different methods, thus causing the information shared to go ‘viral’. This advertising method can consist of information being shared by word of mouth, text, eBook, email, video clip or post on a social network. Doing this kind of marketing is very effective when done alongside an SEO campaign, which essentially boosts your website’s ranking on various search engines. Social media and search engine optimization work hand in hand and a good SEO firm can be of huge benefit. When attempting viral marketing as part of an over all social media strategy, you basically want to get the viral message (in whatever format) in front of individuals with high social networking potential (SNP) and that have a high probability of being presented and spread by these individuals. More and more people qualify as those with high social networking potential, due to every increasing time spent on various sites by large numbers of people. Although texting and calling is still important, many people document their lives by populating profiles and pages on line. Viral marketing only works if a high percentage of the people that view content then decide to pass it on to a high percentage of their friends. This then creates what is known as a ‘snowball effect’, which involves the process of sharing being repeated consistently until the content is everywhere. Getting things going is easier than maintaining the sharing, so it might be wise to get professional help from an SEO firm, as they will have done this before. Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites are constantly clogged up with shared images and content, but the difference between this and effective viral marketing is that the latter will actually benefit or further you or your business. Regardless of how many views, likes or comments your page, video or picture has, it is not ‘viral’ advertising unless it benefits your brand, sales or image in a positive way. Huge viral situations do spring up on their own sometimes, but there will often be a contrived situation, brought about to increase brand awareness. Lot’s of businesses are now seeking professional help to achieve this, so don’t be shy to learn more about how it could benefit your business or get a quote. To know more about the viral marketing process or to find a reputable SEO firm in your area, look online. Want to learn more about viral marketing then look on Esme Spence’s website for more information on this and an SEO firm near you.