Looking At Some Solar Pool Heating FAQ\’S

There are any number of solar pool heating FAQ’S people pose covering areas from time involved with installation to requirements necessary for proper upkeep to installation costs and so much more. Certainly, product guarantees and warranties are always a concern for so many to be considered. The list truly is quite extensive addressing all concerns. How Does Solar Pool Heating Work? Solar pool heating works when a solar panel collects the heat from the sun’s rays and transfers this heat to the water in the swimming pool. When the water is warmed by the system’s bypass component, the water then flows through the ordinary pump and into the swimming pool. There is no need to worry about heating at night as there are reserve panels where energy is stored during the day for use at night. Just How Warm Will The Pool Be Made By This System? Fundamentally, a solar heating system can raise your swimming pool’s temperature by as much as 40%. This makes it an ideal method to use when you want to use your swimming pool during the cold months. In fact, there are many customers who say that they can enjoy swimming in the winter as if it was an ordinary summer day. How Many Panels Will My Pool Need? Homeowners can approximate the amount of panels their new system will require by calculating their pools’ measurements. After they have calculated the meters or total square feet a pool measures, dividing that figure in half will provide the measurements of the needed solar panels. Many solar panels come in customary measurements between 2 and 5 meters in length. Before citing an installation cost, a heating system specialist will also calculate these proportions to decide what number of solar panels a client’s pool requires. Will This System Increase My Electricity Bill? The bottom line is that electricity costs will not be increased at all by solar pool heating. The other good news is that this system will not require the owner to have to purchase any fuels such as natural gas or propane. It should also be noted that because solar pool heating systems have no additional components or moving parts of any sort the cost of maintenance is negligible. Does This Heating System Come With Guarantees? Most of these systems have a guarantee that spans for as long as five years. There are also many manufacturers who have warranties on the solar panels they sell and will replace defective ones free of charge during the period over the contract period. High quality solar panels have been designed to withstand cracking or manifold separation. On average, these systems can last for as long as five years. Some are coated with UV carbon so as to improve their efficiency. Any other questions that are not addressed in this article can be answered by contacting the company via email or by phone. The questions might be of such a technical nature that only qualified technicians can answer them properly. A good buyer is one who makes an informed choice so as to get the best out of his or her investment. Before buying a solar heating system, be sure to head to Prosolar’s pool heating for more information or here if you want more pool heating faqs .