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In 1966, the Freedom of Information Act has ordered to make the criminal records open to the public. The state of New York has made these records accessible to the residents. The state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services manages the New York Criminal Records. Criminal records in New York are used for a number of reasons. The most common reason for accessing these files is to check the background of a job applicant. Employers now prefer to conduct a background check on the people they plan to hire in order to avoid any problems that may arise in the future. Others would check on the criminal files of their nanny and caretakers in order to ensure that the people they hire to look after their children or elders have a clean record. There are some who would check the criminal record of their partners to check if they have a history of being violent. When requesting for a criminal record in New York, one would be able to know if an individual has a criminal history. The record would contain details about the crime. Details about the arrest and sentence are also included on the document. Any felonies and misdemeanor done by the individual prior to his conviction is also indicated on the record. Several things have to be kept in mind when requesting for criminal records in the state of New York. An accomplished request form has to be submitted to the office of the Division of Criminal Justice Services. The person requesting for the document has to present two valid identification cards. One also has to provide the information about the person whose records you are trying to look up. The retrieval of the document is generally free but since the records are fairly difficult to find one has to pay a fee to retrieve the document. The retrieval process would usually take weeks or even longer since the file has to be looked up from the database. The database for criminal history in the state of New York is kept at the Division of Criminal Justice Services. A fee of $61.50 is needed when requesting for a copy of a criminal record. People who are authorized are the only ones who can request for the document. With the enhancement of technology, the Internet is now the favorite method in retrieving criminal history. Online retrieval of criminal records proves to be a lot quicker and easier. It has eliminated the waiting time since the records can be displayed in just seconds. There are fee based websites that offer their services to get the records for you. These fee based websites also allow users to test their services by letting them use it for free; however the use of their free service means that the information given is very limited. Paying for the search is the best option if you value quality of results. Let us help you learn the facts about Criminal Records before you pick your Criminal Records online.. Also published at Free Criminal Records .