The Beginner\’s Guide to Repairing A Curling Wand At Home

A curling wand or a curling iron is a beauty tool that is used by women, an some men for curling hair at home. The most common mechanical parts inside such tools include the heating elements that get hot when the device is plugged into a wall outlet. The thermostat provided on the device can be used for controlling the temperature of the heating elements. In most heat applying hair curlers, metallic plates were used for transferring heat to the posts provided for holding the curlers. On the contrary the curling wand houses heating elements inside the barrel. Both these tools are easy to repair, once you have determined what is wrong with them. So what can go wrong with these devices? For one; you could have a faulty power cord. In addition, the internal wiring may also become faulty or the swivel contacts may be dirty or corroded. Furthermore, the heating element may fail or the thermal cutoff or the switch itself may have some problems. The fact is: Hair curlers and curling wands are relatively inexpensive tools and replacement parts are often difficult to find. Hence it may be more economical to replace rather than repair them. But you could give it a try anyway. Here are some methods of self repair of the curling wand and curling iron. If, on plugging the device, it is not heating up at all, then there could be some wiring issues. Try disassembling and removing the cord housing assembly. If it is very easily done; manage to fix and reattach loose or broken wires. You may also go ahead and replace the fuse or try testing heating elements with devices like a multi-meter. If the problem is not easy to pinpoint, then replacement of the curling wand may be your only option. Check one more thing out: these devices generally require loads of electricity and are generally plugged in the ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle (GFCIR) that are typically installed in bathrooms. Do try to press the reset button provided as these can often help solve the problem. You might also need to study the manual to see where to order replacement parts from. Additionally, you will need screwdrivers, multimeters and pliers to replace the said parts.The manual will also give you the steps to repair the curling wand. As per this, you can disassemble the unit. Always unplug the device before doing this. On unplugging the unit, dis-attach the connectors that affix the thermostat to the heating plates/elements and take out the thermostat. You might additionally need to remove the clips or screws. Now, you may test the electric components using a multimeter.If the scale on the meter indicates zero ohms it means there is no problem and the device is working/there is other problem. If not, you must take the faulty component to a service center for an exact-replacement part. This is how you need to repair a curling wand. Candice is a stylist and has written a great deal more on the curling wand .