The Freedom of the Expat Lifestyle

One of the primary reasons that the expat lifestyle is so important to so many people is the simple fact that you can control your life to a greater extent than you ever could while living back in the United States or the United Kingdom. Many people take for granted the fact that the so-called freedoms you have while living in Western countries come at a cost, and that costs continue to rise every year to the point where the land of the free is anything but. Perhaps the easiest comparison to make for the uninitiated is between Mexico City and New York City. These two cities are both considered leaders in the global community in terms of population, banking, commerce and education. The cost of living in New York City is around $50,000 for bottom of the barrel living, but if you compare it to Mexico City you can have the exact same creature comforts and style of life for only $10,000 a year. Take a moment to think about that. $40,000 a year difference in terms of the cost of living between the two cities that are exactly the same on a global scale. This simple mathematical comparison gives you all you need to know in regards to why people from the United States are choosing to live in Mexico City rather than in New York City. And it is such a powerful mathematical example that even a grade-school child who is learning the basic mathematics at a five year old level can understand it. This is the basis of the expat lifestyle, and it is for this reason primarily that millions of people are choosing to live in foreign countries around the world rather than remain home in the United States or the United Kingdom. When you can literally save tens of thousands of dollars per year on your cost of living, while retaining all of the same creature comforts you had back home, there is no reason to stay in a Western country where your freedom robs your bank account to the point where you have nothing left. When you can put the vast majority of your income back into your bank account every year rather than spend it on the basic amenities that you need to survive, you can control your life to a greater degree than most people would have ever thought possible. There is no reason to spend 40 years of your life as a wage slave in a country that only allows you to put a few hundred dollars per month in your bank account, especially when you can have absolute freedom living in other countries where you can be retired long before your geriatric years. Pickpockets are one of the least issues that can arise for travelers living in other countries. Every day, there are more and more citizens living the digital nomad lifestyle in other countries.