Improve Your LifeForce Profits

LifeForce business owners: It’s time to learn what it REALLY takes to become a top 2% producer Are you committed to climbing to the top of your comp. plan? If you seek to become a top earner, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family. You MUST learn to market! Below are 3 strategies 7-figure earners taught me I have successfully used to take my business to an entirely new level: – Use A Plug-And-Play Marketing Funnel Getting on Facebook and Twitter and proclaiming how great LifeForce is will NOT generate income. Strangers on the Internet could care less about your business. You must establish rapport with your prospects in order to close sales. To promote LifeForce on the Internet, use a marketing funnel system. A funnel is the coordination of steps from lead generation, to rapport building, to closing sales. The most suitable prospects are people in other network marketing opportunities desperately trying to grow their businesses. A good sales funnel has several parts: 1) Marketing: Articles, videos, Facebook ads or other content that compels people to visit your website. All your web content should focus on teaching how networkers can grow their businesses. This content positions you as an authority. 2) Lead Form: A place on your website where prospects can enter their name and email in exchange for a free bonus. The bonus should be a doenloadable report of instructional content. 3) Email Campaign: Emails automatically sent to leads with tips on how to grow a network marketing business. Selling affiliate products by email is also necessary. These are educational courses, systems and live events on which you receive a 30%-60% commission. 4) Relationship-Building: Phone consultations, in-person meetings, and live events are important ways to cultivate trust. 5) Exposing Your LifeForce Opportunity: After you establish rapport, you can invite qualified prospects to check out LifeForce. The simplest strategy is to use a plug and play marketing funnel with the presentations, emails and websites already created for you. unnel with the presentations, emails and websites already created for you.”” – Concentrate On One Thing At A Time When multilevel marketers in companies such as LifeForce start to learn online marketing, these people try to master too many new things all at the same time. Instead of learning one free way to attract website visitors, such as promoting on LinkedIn, they try to master these different free marketing strategies at the same time. Rather than learn ONE place to advertise online, such as display advertising, or ezine ads, they try to master advertising in multiple places, all at once. Due to the fact they’ve focused on too many things, new LifeForce distributors often go into information overload, and complain about feeling overwhelmed. And they end up quitting LifeForce. I’ve seen this pattern over and over. Do you want to build up a portfolio of different advertising channels over time for your LifeForce business? Yes. But this doesn’t need to happen right away. For starters, the most critical thing is to simply create some results. To create results, you must focus on only one tactic at first. Once you’re consistently generating 20-30 leads per day for your LifeForce venture from this tactic, then move on to learning another tactic. It’s a mistake to take on too many marketing strategies simultaneously. By focusing on one thing at a time, your LifeForce business results will actually grow more quickly. You’ll feel better about your LifeForce business because you’re getting results, and your energy level will rise as a result. – Focus On Marketing More Than Duplication Traditionally, network marketers in companies such as LifeForce are taught to keep their business-building activities extremely simple and duplicatable by others Marketing Is More Critical Than Duplication Traditionally, network marketers in companies such as LifeForce are taught to keep their business-building activities extremely simple and duplicatable by others in their downline.. How effective is this strategy to keep everything simple so other can duplicate it? For a small minority of marketers, this approach works well. But for the masses of network marketers in opportunities like LifeForce, keeping all the activities in their business simple will NOT necessarily promote duplication. Check out these facts: – Only about 20% of network marketers in LifeForce ever sponsor anyone at all. – Of those that do sponsor people, most will only sponsor 2-3 people total. – 80 percent of people in your LifeForce organization will sponsor zero people…that’s right: zero! In other words, the keep-it-simple approach so popular in network marketing has an 80% failure rate! Keeping everything you do duplicatable will NOT maximize your LifeForce income and it also creates problems few talk about. The most popular tactic to keep things simple is warm market recruiting, making a list of friends and family and then prospecting them to try to get them to join LifeForce.People promote this strategy not because it’s the most effective tactic, but because it’s the simplest. Warm market recruiting can lead people to quit LifeForce. After a person runs out of friends and family to talk to about their LifeForce business, they often get frustrated and quit the business because they literally have NO IDEA how to do the one thing that can bring in new reps like clockwork, day in and day out: marketing and advertising. The other problem warm marketing recruiting creates is the strategy can push away the best prospects. Ideal prospects for a LifeForce busines, people with transferable skills and large personal and professional networks such as real estate professionals, professional salespeople, and other business people tend NOT to want to approach family and friends about their opportunity. Many professionals want to protect their reputation and do NOT want to introduce their friends and colleagues to an opportunity that they just got started with such as LifeForce. So should you begin by approaching friends and family about your LifeForce business? Yes. But unless you learn at least one rock solid marketing and advertising approach, you will run out of people to talk to. Your best prospects are likely going to want to market their business professionally, not pester friends at cocktail parties. Learn to market online and you can grow a LifeForce business with less duplication, while you attract higher caliber prospects into your business. If only a few high caliber team members learn to market LifeForce online, you could build a very large LifeForce organization. Eduardo Kooliantra has taught thousands of people how to grow businesses like LifeForce . Visit his website to learn tips to benefit your LifeForce Products business.