Branching out into hundreds of different areas, the huge fashion industry creates an enormous number of jobs, so if you have your heart set on working in the fashion world you’ll discover that there’s no such thing as an established career path. For people with a fashion passion, but who aren’t quite sure which part of the industry would suit them best, there’s an immense choice when it comes to career options – and the qualifications they need. If you’re on the lookout for the latest fashion role model and the latest fashion trend, then working on a fashion magazine could be your ideal job: with a certain amount of writing skills and a unique take on trends and role models, you should apply for an internship on a fashion magazine. If you’re close to London, you’re ideally situated in because many leading fashion magazines are based there. Most of them are willing to take on interns, offering them the kind of experience employers are looking for. You could spend a month as an intern, so if you’re happy with travelling and the expense, then it’s certainly something worth going for. Another alternative would be blogging: it’s moved on from people just putting up their personal thoughts to be read on the Internet to being an established marketing tool. Of course, as a blogger you’d still have to put your personal thoughts online – but in a more focused, fashion oriented and commercial manner. You could blog for an employer… or create your own fashion blog and go self-employed. In fact, in because so many people are doing this, there are courses available to teach you how to create your own successful fashion blog. Are you creative? Artistic? Do you see yourself as a famous clothes designer? Can you imagine models on the catwalk, showcasing your work? An advanced course in textiles would help you develop the skills you need to design and create the fashion pieces that one day could be a global brand. But you don’t have to be artistic or creative to enjoy a career in the fashion world. For those whose talents run to the business side of the industry, working in retail management might just suit them down to the ground. Courses are available, leading to fashion retail qualifications while building on communications skills especially within the industry. For those aged between 16 and 18, a fashion sales course would help them develop communications skills and business acumen while training to become professional sales assistants. Thought about becoming an apprentice , or looking for various apprenticeship positions, jobs & offers: visit Find details of where to find apprenticeships . Also find information on vocational courses.