Making candles has been around for centuries. It was once a necessity to be able to have light during the night; it is now a hobby that many people enjoy. Making candles is still a popular hobby for just a variety of reasons. People make candles for his or her own personal use, it is actually a great craft project to do with older children, people make candle to give away as gifts, and other people even make candles to sell and make a business out of it. Creating candles for your own personal use or even to give away as gifts is exceedingly rewarding and easy to do. Many in the local craft stores supply all of the tools you’ll need in order to make your individual candles. You can get wax, wicks, and molds from nearly every craft stores. With the popularity of the hobby, craft suppliers have also made things such as color, decorations, and fragrance readily available for homemade candles. The other parts of the supplies needed for making candles can be provided by the hobbyist. The first step in candle making is to prepare the wax. You do this by melting it in a double boiler. A double boiler is actually simply one large pot filled with water and placed on the stove top. Another smaller pot that contains the un-melted wax is sat inside the larger pot. Wax will burn whenever you attempt to melt it so using a double boiler makes it simple. Once the wax is melted, hold the wick in place in the middle of the mold and pour in the wax. Allow the wax to cool for about 4-6 hours before you attempt to take it off from the mold. Generally putting the entire thing into the freezer for about a half an hour will make it simpler to remove the candle from the mold. You may also spray non-stick cooking spray in the mold before you pour the wax into it so it is easier to remove the finished candle. There will be almost no end to the different types of candles you possibly can make at home. With the various fragrances, colors, and decorations your only limit is your imagination. Some candle making enthusiasts have gone as far as to make their own molds using liquid latex in order to make amazing candles. The only problem with using latex molds is that they typically are too flexible to stand on end to pour the wax into the bottom of them. What you will need to do is to cut a hole in a piece of sturdy cardboard. The whole should be adequate enough for the mold to slip through but only as much as the lip. All latex molds need a lip on the bottom for this purpose. The wax can then be poured within the bottom of the mold and also the cardboard will act as support. A few entrepreneurs have found that selling candles could be a lucrative business. They have got their love of the hobby in addition to their talent and turned it into a good way to make money. They do this by buying their supplies in bulk at discount prices. Many people also take time and effort into packaging their products attractively. The thing that really drives them could be the imagination. People will always be looking for something totally new with regards to this old custom. Learn more about colonial candle making . Stop by Anna Shields’s site where you can find out all about making scented candles and what it can do for you.