1. Keep important papers handy. Cops will often ask for your registration, license, and proof of insurance. Do not forget or ignore the fact that they will judge closely every move you make. If you have these papers ready less fumbling will be evident and the officers will have less of a case against you. Avoiding arrest is difficult if you have been drinking. Following these steps will aid in your defense and decrease the severity of later punishment. 2. If the cops propose questions, do not answer them. Having a lawyer when you answer the questions asked by the police is a lot more beneficial than trying to answer them on your own. What you say will most likely be used as evidence against you in court. These questions will be more easily answer at a later date. No rule says you have to respond to these interrogations without a lawyer with you or at the same time that they question you. Instead, answer through relating something like, “I have been told not to answer the questions that you proposed.” 3. Field sobriety tests should not be taken. A lot of people think that you need to participate in the sobriety exams that are administered by the police officers. These tests, the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the walk-and-turn test, and the one leg stand test always harm your case in later trial. There is one issue with not taking them, however. This issue is that you will go to jail. This is worth the sacrifice because the benefit of not having this evidence against your case in court outweighs the negative side effects. 4. Avoid the breathalyzer test. This guideline applies only to those who are over 21 years old. It is required that those who are under 21 take the breathalyzer test. These tests harm your case because they are notoriously unreliable. Given the option, a blood test would be a better way to go than the breathalyzer. The breathalyzer, also called the Preliminary Alcohol Screener, is carried by the cops at a scene. There is very little chance to avoid arrest if you take one of these tests. 5. Use your alotted phone calls to your advantage. Call a friend and speak clearly and enunciate properly. This will show the officers that may be present how coherent you are. You also now have a witness to your speaking ability and your friend can testify to your advantage. Calling your voicemail is also a good use of a phone call as you can use the voicemail you left in court to prove to the judge that you were in fact coherent and able to speak without slurring your words. Get in touch with a Charleston DUI Lawyer right away if you are charged with DUI.