There are several classes in the World of Warcraft you can purchase. You know that you have to choose a race and class if you would like play in the game. You must have your character personalized. You character must have the unique personalities. The race and class are the most obvious personality. When you establish your current character, you will choose the two factors for the character. You should know that the choice of class is constrained by the choice of competition. Each race has a different group of available classes to choose from. Once you have chosen a class you will have three unique talent trees. The can heal but they are single target healers. The heal ability can be combined with the durability in the fight. They are well known for the durability. They are good at making choice. They have expertise specialization and equipment selection. But the Warlocks are good at call dark magic and invite demons to work for them. The Warlocks sound more like evils. It is not a good decision to buy Wow gold. Originally, the Warlocks are ranged magic damage dealers having a focus on damage over time. And they are also good at nukes and AOE. They are lack of burst damage capabilities. The mage class have a good ability of the burst destruction. The tree talent trees are Holy, Retribution and Protection. The paladins are no longer exclusive to the connections after the released of the Burning Crusade. The Blood Elves which belongs to the Horde and also perform as a Paladin in the Burning Crusade. With the release of the Cataglysm Tauren are able to play as a Paladin too. That means you can play as a tauren paladin or you can create a new combo without regard of the expansion pack you have. Farming Wow gold is always popular among the new players. They have no other ways to make gold.