One of the recent news stories I’ve uncovered while looking at the debt collecting industry is that one particular collector targeted a war veteran. You can imagine my shock when I heard that this particular disabled vet was verbally chastised by the collector. This person broke just about every important rule known to debt collecting and this is one story that cannot be refuted. However, this is simply one case. Is every collections company in the world deserving of such negative press? It cannot be totally argued that there are a couple of bad seeds in the debt collection industry; not every collections company will act morally. The rules can sometimes become belittled and, in this case, those who believe nothing can be done are able to act. Legal action can be carried out by these debtors if the companies indeed act in unlawful ways. When a debtor is contacted by a collector, who says they’ll arrest him or her, that is a rule being broken and the more reputable companies like Rapid Recovery will cite this as one of the many rules to be followed. However, it cannot be said that every debtor is innocent on the matter. What about those people who refuse to pay off a debt, regardless of how tremendously it builds? My college buddy was one of those people, who didn’t think much of paying off his student loans. While others were searching for jobs, he was essentially the grasshopper that did not plan ahead. In cases such as these, the debtors are mostly, if not fully, responsible for what occurs. The Ant and the Grasshopper is one fable that I believe suits the behavior of various college students and their loans well. In my situation, I consider myself the ant that spends less time fooling around and more time preparing for the cold winter ahead. The grasshopper is representative of those students who refuse to pay attention to debts, as they will spend time playing rather than conducting work for the season to come. The grasshopper couldn’t survive in that story and my only hope is that these students don’t follow a similar path. I’m not sure if you can totally blame collectors. While there are those select few who will go against the rules in order to simply gain money, the debtors hold responsibility as well. The people whose job it is to pay off debts may allow these funds to pile on until it becomes difficult to compensate. This is not an ideal way to live and perhaps in a fantasy world, money would only be used for luxuries. That isn’t the case, though, and everyone has to do their part. Rapid Recovery Solution if a full service debt collection company that can collect your money. Contact RRS today for more details!. This article, How Truthful Are Negative Claims of a Collections Company? has free reprint rights.