When you take into account the prospect of taking one of your adventure tours to Peru, you cannot complete you vacation holiday without an exploration starting from Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, one of the modern seven wonders of the world that are a delight for any traveler. A tour of Machu Picchu offers a sneak peak into the prehistoric Inca civilization, most notably the prehistoric Inca site that is widely believed to be constructed in mid fourteenth century. The purpose of this ancient site still remains a mystery to the present world. In fact, even reputable historians hold different opinions as regards the exact representation of Machu Picchu site and reasons why it was constructed over two thousand four hundred meters above sea level alongside a coarse mountain terrain. There are varied opinions on the existence of Machu Picchu site. Some hold the belief that the site was a vital agricultural site built to test growing various crops in different climatic conditions typical down the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Other people hold the belief that it was designed as a prison site for the bad people in the Inca society. The Inca site which is a prehistoric area is believed to have been built in the fourteen century and has various roles attached to it. There are those people who believe that that it was built as an agricultural site while others say it is a prison site. For the agricultural purpose, there is the assumption that it was used to test different crops that do well in different climatic conditions. The hike to the site can take around four days and this is along the attractive trail. This trail is made up of the cultural legacy as well as historical areas which make up the Inca Empire. There are other awesome features like spectacle bear and humming birds. Other features include the extinct birds as well as the waterfowl. When planning to go for the hike, there are various preparations you need to make to make the whole process memorable. You need to have the appropriate clothing for the trek as there are weather variations that can be experienced. It would also be good to try and keep fit or train to prepare before the hike so that you ensure you are physically fit. Due to the presence of micro-climates, the tour offers the opportunity to get to sample breathtaking Inca sites that are prehistoric. This can all be experienced down the Inca Trail which covers about 45 kilometers to Machu Picchu. With the distance to cover, it may take around four days to complete the whole adventure. The time in number of days makes it possible for a person to get used to the climatic changes that are present. This then makes it possible to sample the different great views of the area and breathe of a different kind of air based on freshness and great breeze due to the trees. With such features, you are sure to enjoy it.There are unique places and exciting areas like the Mountain Rivers and views. You get to experience the culture as well as legacy of the history. There are other features like spectacle bear, humming birds as well as other extinct animals. Other exciting places to check out include the Dead Woman Pass as well as the Village of Chinchero. These places are a must see for any tourist or person taking a trek in the area. Great preparation and planning as well as excitement on the whole experience makes the adventure tours to Peru worth the time and money. To discover exciting adventure tours to Peru, see Tucan travel . Details on other adventures are available at today.