Pretty much as soon as you start thinking about doing Internet Marketing you probably started getting messages about email marketing. You’ve probably heard over, over and over again that if you want to earn money on the web, email marketing is where most of that income will come from. It’s the truth; that’s why you hear it over and over again. A website can bring in a few sales but email is what really gets people to spend money. That does not mean, however that you can take a lazy approach to your email marketing. The following hints and tips are just what you need to make sure that you build the best and most profitable foundation possible for yourself. You only make money sending e-mails if the e-mail itself is properly designed. There are a couple things to worry about initially including whether or not your e-mails reach the people that have subscribed, and if you can leverage your list appropriately with what you send. As you continue to read, we will share with you several strategies that are very beneficial for anyone trying to do profitable e-mail marketing on the Internet. Rule number one – never collect e-mails unless you have the permission and consent of the subscriber. An opt in box is not the primary focus. The problem lies in the fact that anyone can enter an e-mail in the box that may not belong to them. A confirmation e-mail is something that must be sent out through your e-mail service to subscribers to prove that they are subscribing. If you don’t, they could say you are a spammer. This way you don’t have to worry about sending mail to someone who didn’t mean to sign up for your list. Once they have confirmed, they are in essence agreeing to receive your e-mails. Many people will tell you that quality is always preferred over quantity. This relates directly to the subscribers on your list. Many people believe that if you have a large list you’ll make more money. This belief is based upon the fact that you will send more e-mails to a larger list than a smaller one. It is true to some degree. In reality, it is better to sell to a smaller list, a responsive list of loyal subscribers that will buy what you have to sell. It is more likely that your smaller list will be more profitable than the larger one. That makes it easier to compose your emails and to feel like the time you spend on your email marketing is worth it. We need to say this, though it is something you are aware of. Your content matters quite a bit. Your e-mails need to be written correctly, made with good content. What you send your subscribers should always be interesting, causing them to want to read more. People that enjoy e-mail marketing success pay attention to details – you need to do the same. E-mail marketing has very little to do with blasting meaningless e-mails with links leading to an order page. Email marketing is a subtle art form-and it is one that you really need to master if you want to make money online. So go out there and build your e-mail marketing list using the tips provided in this article. James Steele is a well-known blogger who writes informative articles on different topics such as marketing, online business, home business, network marketing etc. Checkout his article on MLM Lead System Pro success and on My Video Talk success