Businesses have been using Direct mail as one of the most effective means of marketing. Direct mail has only benefited big business because they are capable of investing large sums of money that is required to meet the stipulations of preparing it. Small businesses have been unlucky to use direct mail because they lacked or feared losing enormous amount of resources that are needed to install CASS certification software. Those days when survival in the market was for the fittest are gone. The United States Postal service issued a press release on December 21, 2010 that stated that they were to introduce new simplified method of addressing mail. This simplification was intended to help small businesses to reap the benefits associated with direct mail as well. Before initiation of this simplification, small businesses could not benefit from direct mail because of high costs of CASS software. With simplification, now they will be able to conduct their marketing through direct mail without using this software and the entire technology used to prepare and address the mails. Business owners and companies that can afford to use CASS software can still use it since it can reduce their business costs. This is because post office can give them discounted rates. Organizations that use this kind of products receive discounts since the post office do not charge extra money for the mail. The United States Postal Service has devised a mechanism that will see the reduction of the $238 billion discrepancy by the year 2010. These plans include coming up with kiosks which looks like grocery stores that will enable customers to purchase what they want freely. They have also rolled out plans to stop deliveries on Saturdays and streamline retiree benefit schemes. Such move will reduce the operation cost and other unnecessary spending in the business. These new strategies that will be incorporated with other plans will enable the organization to reduce the arrears by $123 billion. The United States postal services intend to continue reducing the shortfall with new marketing strategies and promotions to attract new customer base. Those efforts of wanting to reduce the deficits are being dragged behind by the internet, because majority of people like using web related options continually, which has resulted into consistent drop in profits, and subsequent increase in the shortfall. This has made the united postal service to roll out more incentives and new methods of marketing such as simplifying direct mail address, and new ways of operation. This will make the companies to benefit as well as the USPS. The United States postal service will create a new base of customers as well as increase the support to the already existing customers to ensure that it maximizes on profits to be able to cover the deficit. This new plans of USPS will play a great part in boosting the economy. The time when small businesses were bullied out of the way because they did not have enough funds to compete with big companies are over. CASS certification has ensured that all companies in the present age have equal and fair chances of surviving in the harsh economical jungle that exists. This will eventually encourage entrepreneurship and help small businesses mushroom up into bigger companies. You can visit the website for more helpful information about Significance Of CASS Certification On Large And Small Businesses