An insurance inventory is used to help a victim to replace his /her property in case of theft or damage due to different calamities. An insurance company looks at a given property documentation and is able to calculate the cost involved. The documentation may be made by the owner in the company of a staff or just alone to facilitate the process of making a claim. To create a compensation list is not an easy task. It is time consuming but worth the trouble as an accident is not predictable. It is advisable for an individual to have an insurance cover in order to have a fall back when incidents happen. Starting from scratch is very frustrating especially when one does not have financial support. Keeping an inventory is a very wise decision. It comes in handy when that fire destructs those valuables that took you so long to acquire. It came in handy in a situation of John Brown who had taken a video of his house to show it his pal when the inevitable happens. There was fire in the neighborhood that swept his house and burnt it to ashes. He is lucky to have taken the documentation because he used it to negotiate replacement for his property. John used the video tape as an inventory to make claim in his insurance company. If he had not wanted to share his house videos he would have untold problems in trying to negotiate replacements for his home. Making documentation is fun only if you value your property and your hard work. In case of lack of an inventory the victim lists down all the damaged valuables one by one. It is not easy to remember and describe every possession you lost in the demise. You actually get hurt twice. First when the incident happens and second when you try to remember what you lost. It becomes double tragedy. The emotional trauma might be too much for you to handle. To make burglary, floods, fire and other casualties less painful it is crucial that you make a property list. Valuables such as automobiles, furniture, clothes and other personal possessions should make an inventory list which should be accurate and detailed enough. Remembering after the incident might leave out some details and some valuables too. The first step involved in documenting the valuables is recording all them. Categorizing them will definitely make it a clear list. The categories may range from furniture, clothes, shoes, electronics and much more. Once you have the record, estimate the monetary value of each item. While at this remember that some items are subject to depreciation and others to appreciation. Shoes will obviously depreciate while items like food stock may appreciate. Some things you ignore may turn out to be very helpful in future. Few people attach the required significance to sales receipts. It is advisable to keep them well and join them with the already made list. A major tip is to take a video and some photos of your property and enclose them in the insurance package. Trace the serial numbers on the valuables and record them down and to make it even better you can attach your own serial numbers. The replacement process is easier when the records are straight. You can visit the website for more helpful information about Importance Of Keeping Insurance Inventory