Among the esteemed California State University systems, California Maritime Academy has brought many awards pertaining to its academic superiority. It is among the best of the best between other maritime academies in the entire United States of America. Just in case you reside in West Coast California, right here is the ideal university to study in, specifically if you would like to engage in a career in the naval and engineering industry. It includes 6 undergrad courses including Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Transportation and Engineering Management is the single master’s program that Cal Maritime offers. Because it is all associated with a nautical curriculum, it is far from shocking to learn that the scholars continue on prosper in a career with the like of U.S. Coast Guard and showcases the very best career placement rating on the list of CSUs. While it isn’t that significant in size, it is actually more than satisfactory and suitable to get a. exceptional quality of schooling. Each and every student gets to take their summer aboard the Golden Bear, which is the university’s primary training ship, and voyage round the Pacific Ocean while utilizing the knowledge that was taught inside the classroom. For individuals who enjoy visiting many places, this is the place to go. You are exposed to various cities and also get to experience turbulent weather conditions in the middle of the sea. You’ll certainly not be lacking stories for you to bring back to your friends. Because it is located in the small town of Vallejo, California and in the northern area of the San Francisco Bay Area, the majority of its spectacular events require the use of water. You should try rugby water polo, sailing cross-country and different sports that take part in the NAIA. You don’t have to be stuck within the university grounds. For the adventure seekers, go skydiving! And for those who would rather lay low, don’t you be concerned. The school will provide you with adequate performances and parties to keep you active. Living within the campus has been extraordinary, mainly because of just one thing. The food is excellent there. There are diverse cuisines there that make you think of having a buffet meal three times a day! If you want an even more special food excursion, go to the Morrow Cave or just ask around campus for Mom”. She makes the best cookies! If you would like obtain a high-quality instruction on nautical studies, then you will absolutely be in sync with the teachers there. You will find everything that one can learn regarding the field simply by listening to them. More importantly, it gives you an advantage as soon as you graduate because the maritime industry carries Cal Maritime their major preference to employ fresh graduate students. Want to find out more about California Maritime Academy , then visit the university, college and trade school social directory Ultimate Universities to find the campus for you.