With the right knowledge and also the right plan and some self discipline one can possibly get rich slowly while working at a traditional job. However, I am going to say this is really the most difficult and slowest way to wealth nonetheless it can be done. I also believe it’s interesting that getting a “real Job” is what we are all taught is the way to “make a living” yet this financial model is in fact broken and also has been for a very long time. you have to have multiple growth and income streams as well as your job. This does get complicated, but in essence you really need a home business of some sort. It could be about anything but you need it for income and tax purposes (especially in the US). One simple tip is pay yourself first meaning you will have to take about a minimum of 10% of your wages and place it aside for wealth building. You need to get the “proper” simplified training to invest small portions and create growth by having your money work for you. Most families are focused on spending and not on creating wealth. Again I’ll be offering more details in the near future on this strategy. You must have continuing quality education on current economic conditions (NOT the news) You’ll need to know the economic cycle you’re in and the way to expand your wealth during that cycle. It is best to have a regular stream of funds added to your investment portfolio You must have a clear understanding of the new meaning of an asset (some thing which MAKES you money) When we really dig straight into how to become wealthy We find these principles that must be followed regardless of what approach to wealth building you use. You’ll want a regular and well planned approach and YOU should be aware of HOW and WHY you are making each decision (do not leave this entrusted to an advisor) You’ll want to have a trustworthy wealth coach or proven wealth building training system or combination of the two. Making a strong home based or online business will surely help make it far easier to get rich slowly than if you are working in a traditional job. The art of wealth building is a process and each step should be followed for success. It’s not a difficult thing to acquire wealth in any economy, but it does require understanding and learning the secrets that the truly wealthy have kept to themselves for many years.It has been proven again and again that wealth building has little to do with current skills, education, how smart someone is, or how much money they have now. Stop by Great Wealth Solutions For more information on how to get rich slowly . While you’re there be sure to sign up for their FREE Wealth Building Mini-Course